A global community.
One goal.

Open Contracting 2017
Amsterdam, 28-29 November

A global community. One goal. Transforming government contracting together.

Open contracting is vital to modernizing government, fighting corruption, reforming markets and fostering business innovation and entrepreneurship. Better, smarter and fairer government contracting – enabled by the active participation of citizens and businesses – can improve lives everywhere.

Join influencers and innovators from dozens of countries to take open contracting to the next level.

Conference Report: Diversity. Bottom-up energy. Real impact. The state of open contracting


Open Contracting 2017 is organized by the Open Contracting Partnership, The B Team, CoST, Hivos and Article 19. Design and facilitation is led by Reboot. Learn more about how we work on open contracting.
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In the lead up to our global meeting in November, this blog series kicks off a conversation to explore successes, lessons, and gaps in government contracting innovation. View all posts.

The potential for connecting open data and procurement is endless.
Using open data, open source, and an open standard is key to rebuilding trust.
Opening up contracting data will only be as impactful as the capacity to transform it into actionable information.



Two days of sharp and snappy sessions with lots of interaction, co-working, networking and peer exchange. No long presentations, definitely no manels, but practical, hands-on activities driven by participants.

Together with our design and facilitation partner Reboot, we will involve participants to co-create an agenda that will help accelerate your work and advance us collectively as a community.

  • O
    Share what’s working, what isn’t & how to overcome common challenges
  • O
    Discuss how to turn data into impact on people’s lives
  • O
    Surface the best and brightest tools to track and improve procurement
  • O
    Determine how to meet user needs, build long-term alliances and overcome blockers
  • O
    Share innovations in key sectors from infrastructure to health to extractives
  • O
    Learn from inspirational open contracting leaders from government, business and civil society
  • O
    Determine how governments, companies, civil society and journalists can work together to make open contracting a success and expand its impact across the globe

Day 1           

Tuesday, 28 November

8:00 AM
Registration & coffee
9:00 AM
Welcome & scene-sitting
This is not your typical conference. We'll have short, snappy sessions and lots of collaborative coworking to set an agenda to transform government contracting.
Session 1
Celebrating what we've achieved
Learn about open contracting wins from around the world, and gather inspiration for your own work. We'll hear from:

Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, Open Government Partnership
Maria Victoria Angulo, Secretary of Education, Bogotá, Colombia
Iaroslav Zelinsky, All Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV
Session 2
Keynote panel: The future of open contracting
Going beyond the hype: strategies to maximise impact and make open contracting the new normal in the next 5 years.

Moderated by: Adrienne Klasa, Financial Times This is Africa
Eber Omar Betanzos Torres, Viceminister of Public Administration, Mexico
Sally Hughes, COO, IACCM
Zuzana Wienk, Fairplay Alliance
George Ofori, Deputy Chair, CoST Board
Session 3
Mapping the open contracting ecosystem 1
What does the world of open contracting look like? Mapping the actors, catalysts, and relationships that matter.
Session 4
Mapping the open contracting ecosystem 2
What did we learn? Understanding our community. Celebrating the pioneers, and welcoming the newcomers.
Session 5
Open contracting deep dives
Learn about the the tactics, tools, resources and lessons – both what works and doesn't – across the different stages and contexts where open contracting happens.

1. How to design your open contracting strategy based on a robust context assessment
2. How to secure policy commitments and lay strong foundations for open contracting
3. How to link data and data standards to follow the money
4. How to build sustainable coalitions for long-term reform
5. How to institutionalize OC in different political contexts
6. How to scrutinize and analyze open contracting data
7. How to engage citizens in open contracting
8. How to conduct impactful investigations + work with the media
9. How to balance openness with confidentiality and privacy
Session 6
The work ahead of us
A review of the journey so far. What are the big questions and challenges that we face, and how we can turn talk into action and collaboration?
6:00 PM
Join us to celebrate our progress. One year advancing open contracting: impact and lessons.
Hosted by the Contracting 5 (the governments of Colombia, France, Mexico, UK, and Ukraine).

Day 2           

Wednesday, 29 November

8:00 AM
Collaboration coffees
What are you working on? Custom, curated small working meetings, based on your needs and sector-specific interests.
9:30 AM
Welcome & overview
An introduction to what we'll tackle on day two.
Session 7
Hard talk
Confronting the difficult questions. A discussion on our gaps, our blind spots, and what's not working – and how we move forward.
Session 8
Tricky scenarios & sector deep-dives
Advancing our work by learning from others, particularly in contexts and scenarios where the common wisdom doesn't apply.

Tricky Scenarios:
1. There is limited political will or a political transition - how do I start or keep open contracting going?
2. There is closing civic space - how do I still advance open contracting?
3. There is limited IT infrastructure or capacity to implement open contracting - what do I do?
4. There is limited government and/or intra-agency coordination to advance open contracting and link data, information, and users - how can I still advance open contracting?
5. The expectations of international donors vis-a-vis domestic realities are unrealistic - how can we align and collaborate better?
6. Data availability and quality is very low - what are effective strategies to advance these?
7. There is limited understanding about OC use cases and performance indicators - how can I get government and civil society to define their goals?
8. How to conduct impactful investigations + work with the media
9. How to balance openness with confidentiality and privacy

Sector Deep Dives:
Infrastructure, Extractives, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Goods & Service Delivery, Procurement/e-procurement
Session 9
The work ahead of us
A summary of what we've learned about gaps and needs, and how we're going to approach them.
Session 10
Design lab: Tackling collective challenges
Intensive co-working to develop solutions, partnerships, and new ways of working to tackle the challenges we face – and to make sure open contracting delivers on its potential.
Session 11
Design lab: Peer feedback
Sharing feedback on emerging ideas from the design lab.
Break & design lab gallery
Browse the design lab ideas, while thinking about what role you might play in taking them foward.
Session 12
Working group meet-ups on lab outputs
A chance to connect and sketch the outlines of potential collaborations and define concrete next steps.
Session 13
Final synthesis & reflections
A review of what we've accomplished together.
Session 14
Defining our forward path
A common understanding where we go from here, and concrete ways to get there.
Some well-earned refreshment and relaxation!


Registration closed August 15.

Open Contracting 2017 will gather 200 of the best and brightest open contracting leaders, practitioners and champions from across the globe.


The beautiful De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam


Fortunately, De Nieuwe Liefde is located in Oud-West in the center of Amsterdam and can be easily reached by public transportation. Participants can choose from the many options to stay in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

The following hotels at different price points are close to the event venue:

Hotel Espresso, 1.2 kmMarriot Hotel, 1.3 kmNH Amsterdam Centre, 1.3 kmHotel Parkview, 1.5 km

Practical information

Who else will be there? How do I get to my hotel from the airport? Can I do a sightseeing trip along the canals after the conference?

The answers to these questions and more are now available.

Open Contracting 2017 Participant Handbook

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